1. simsgonewrong:

    My sim forgot how to undress herself and starting spinning around in frustration.


  2. simsgonewrong:

    Duncan decided to take the family’s dirty dishes to school. He returned without them.


  3. simsgonewrong:

    i would be sad too…. #anaconda2


  4. simsgonewrong:

    I don’t know where to start here


  5. simsgonewrong:

    This is what happens when you open your game after saving during a group pose. BEWBIES!


  6. simsgonewrong:

    Your hat looks DELICIOUS! *om nom nom*

    (I hit randomize in CAS and then decided to play with the mutants that spawned.)


  7. simsgonewrong:

    So I was dancing with my mob husband and I wanted to blow a kiss to him so much I shoved my arm through my body, he better of appreciated it.

    so turnt


  8. simsgonewrong:

    This is not my baby! I don’t know where I came from and I can’t pick it up! he toilet keeps leaking but nobody can repair it because the baby keeps crying! OMG! 


  9. simsgonewrong:

    My house was on fire and my sim put it out herself. When I looked outside I found the fireman army standing at attention. 


  10. this demon slenderman toddler is twerking…MY EYES


  11. simsgonewrong:

    must be something I ate


  12. simsgonewrong:

    You can’t see me..


  13. the Newbies visit Sims 3 ha

    (Source: gothhome)



  15. this is her “i’m attracted to you face”….blegh