1. simsgonewrong:

    You can’t see me..


  2. the Newbies visit Sims 3 ha

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  4. this is her “i’m attracted to you face”….blegh


  5. gurl fix your eyebrows


  6. simsgonewrong:

    The moment when your so tired….u fall asleep in your own wee…


  7. She has a bad tick whenever the game is paused ha


  8. simsgonewrong:

    A leak sprung in the bathroom, and after fixing and mopping, he decided his true love was the mop (he WooHoo’d with his girlfriend and went to work with it still in his hand, came home and decided to cuddle with it).


  9. why does my game always create weird University students….


  10. goths go hick…love the cat’s face haha

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  11. simsgonewrong:

    Um ok ?


  12. simsgonewrong:

    Five nights at Sims 4


  13. simsgonewrong:

    Yeah, um, some social interaction went wrong here. 


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  15. simsgonewrong:

    Sorry if something like this has already been submitted. I had a look and couldn’t find anything. My sim Noah thought the best way to make sure the bin was fixed was to get into the bin…